5 tips for better public speaking

Recently, I've had a stream of people messaging about my TEDx talk. Half want to talk about the content and half want to talk about the process of speaking and speech writing. The question I most commonly get is "How do I get chosen for a TEDx talk?" which I might tackle in a future... Continue Reading →

The crossroads of work and passion

Nobody tells you to go do Hip-Hop Dance. It's not that work doesn't want you to or doesn't find it interesting (in fact, changing into street wear can raise a few eyebrows in the lift wells).  It's just that, in the scheme of things that your work cares about, finding your new hobby isn't one... Continue Reading →

Finding your passion outside work

Last week, I spoke at the University of Queensland Young Alumni Conference on finding your "Side Hustle." I remember being asked if I would speak.  Not for the first time, I said "yes" and then furiously googled "Side Hustle" to find out what I'd be talking about.  Moments like these remind me of how out of... Continue Reading →

The Passion Diet

One Christmas party, years ago, I was chatting a partner whom I have come to respect tremendously. It was a conversation that only Christmas parties facilitate: candid, personal and adorned with outrageous costuming. We talked about family. He had two kids, young but not infants. We talked about hobbies. He had a few, but none... Continue Reading →

Lawyers, this is the deal of your life.

We've all seen it before: A few weeks ago, I was at the supermarket unloading my haul onto the conveyor when there was a temporary pause in proceedings. A savvy, middle-aged shopper, eyes scrolling through his freshly printed receipt, had identified an error. "You've charged me twice for the celery", he said to the cashier,... Continue Reading →

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