5 tips for better public speaking

Recently, I've had a stream of people messaging about my TEDx talk. Half want to talk about the content and half want to talk about the process of speaking and speech writing. The question I most commonly get is "How do I get chosen for a TEDx talk?" which I might tackle in a future... Continue Reading →

A better way to talk about 2020

We will talk a lot of guff about 2020. In business speak, 2020 gave birth to the catchphrase "the new normal." Despite its prevalence, this concept doesn't seem ground breaking.  Properly interrogated, it goes no further than working from home a bit more, flying a bit less, and (ominously) "leaner" business models.  We all have... Continue Reading →

The crossroads of work and passion

Nobody tells you to go do Hip-Hop Dance. It's not that work doesn't want you to or doesn't find it interesting (in fact, changing into street wear can raise a few eyebrows in the lift wells).  It's just that, in the scheme of things that your work cares about, finding your new hobby isn't one... Continue Reading →

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