Why juniors are so damn valuable

Last week I saw a job description that caught my eye. Someone was looking for a lawyer who was "NQ".  NQ stands for Not Qualified.  That means a trainee fresh out of law school who can't quite call themselves a lawyer yet.  They are an inquisitive, nervous, enthusiastic bunch who wear suits on the first... Continue Reading →

The crossroads of work and passion

Nobody tells you to go do Hip-Hop Dance. It's not that work doesn't want you to or doesn't find it interesting (in fact, changing into street wear can raise a few eyebrows in the lift wells).  It's just that, in the scheme of things that your work cares about, finding your new hobby isn't one... Continue Reading →

A refreshingly simple lesson on leadership

One lesson in leadership really resonated this week at the Senior Associate induction down at Clayton Utz Sydney. There was a sheet of paper with examples of great leadership traits. One was refreshingly simple: "Cares" Cares about me, cares about juniors, cares about their family, their clients, their community... or not. "That person cares" is... Continue Reading →

Finding your passion outside work

Last week, I spoke at the University of Queensland Young Alumni Conference on finding your "Side Hustle." I remember being asked if I would speak.  Not for the first time, I said "yes" and then furiously googled "Side Hustle" to find out what I'd be talking about.  Moments like these remind me of how out of... Continue Reading →

Diversity’s fork in the road

It's great to be back here. It's especially great to be back when so much has happened and there's so much to say. There's no doubt we've come a long way. Some of us have walked this road for decades and the results speak for themselves. We've taken so many great steps towards a world where homophobia,... Continue Reading →

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